Passion’s Graduate Programme: Dimi’s and Luca’s Experience

Passion Digital Passion Digital 03/02/2022 4 minutes

The term ‘grad training’ is used far too often these days, sometimes without any explanation. Here at Passion, we recently launched our very own graduate programme, with a clear focus to offer the first step to the next generation of digital marketers. Dimitra and Luca, who recently joined our team of Passionistas, can now tell you what our graduate programme means for them.

Our Grad Training Programme

Our graduate programme is a three month training programme that aims to develop a better understanding of all the digital marketing channels and gain real, working knowledge of the industry.

It also involves working closely with the different teams and dealing with Passion’s clients. The programme includes:

  • Working across the range of digital marketing channels (including Organic, Paid and Web Performance)
  • Completing external courses to build and develop skills directly related to the role
  • Working and contributing on various tasks and campaigns to get familiarised with the clients
  • Attending internal and client meetings, and managing meeting minutes

Introducing Dimitra and Luca

Dimitra, from Greece, moved to London right after her economics degree, joining Passion in her first full-time Content Marketing role. This has given her the chance to not only be part of one of the most dynamic and ever-changing industries, but also the opportunity to collaborate with talented, interesting people with diverse backgrounds. This role means she’s now working in the media industry in one of the most iconic cities in the world – something she’s always dreamed of.

Luca, from Italy, joined our Passion team soon after he completed his MSc in Strategic Marketing at the University of Greenwich. In the past, he worked in a range of part-time marketing roles that have developed his passion for digital. Luca’s new full-time role at Passion has presented the opportunity to learn more about Organic Marketing, on-page and Technical SEO – which is in line with his future career goals. With the support offered by our Passion industry experts, Luca is now confident to pursue his career in digital marketing.

Tell Us a Bit About Your Experience With the Graduate Programme

Dimitra, Content Marketing Executive 

Currently, I am responsible for creating and editing content. The type of content I work on ranges from blog posts and social media copy to content ideation – which means creating and developing topics for marketing use.  

I also get to work with other teams in the agency, such as the SEO and the PR team. The SEO team ensures that the content created has high visibility in Google’s search engine results page (SERP), while I discuss and align the outreach process of our clients with the PR team.

Another important aspect of my role is participating in weekly team meetings to discuss any issues and brainstorm client solutions and future marketing campaigns and concepts.

What I love the most about being part of the programme is the lovely atmosphere at Passion. One thing that’s really stood out to me is how keen everyone is to make sure I’m learning. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and are so happy to help me when needed, making me feel really comfortable right away. As a current graduate, I believe that there is nothing more rewarding a grad can do after studies.

Luca, SEO Executive

My role includes working for on-page and technical SEO. There are so many learning resources available, so I’m always having the opportunity to strengthen my skills.

In more detail, I have been providing support for Passion’s clients in terms of SEO recommendations, keyword research and meta data optimisation. This is the foundational work that I need to do before moving on to carrying out more technical aspects, like audits.

I have also been trained in using important marketing tools such as Keyword Keg, Semrush, Screaming Fog and Oncrawl to monitor the SEO health and performance for our clients and identify the main on-site SEO components. 

What Is the Best Thing About Being in Marketing for You? 


I think the most exciting thing about working in marketing is telling different brands’ stories in the most unique and creative ways.


Marketing is strategic and very rewarding as it allows me to monitor and report on each campaign’s performance, check whether my contribution to the client’s brand has a positive or negative impact and make the necessary improvements to achieve the desired results. I get to work for different clients, in different industries. Every day is unique at Passion, especially from an SEO perspective, and that’s what motivates me to constantly learn and stay up to date. 

What’s Next for You? 


The grad training has provided me with knowledge and skills that I can’t wait to use in order to help the company grow. I feel that Passion is an environment where I’m free to present my input and where I’m valued for it. I’m really excited to grow within the company.


For now, I am enjoying the process of learning and putting the knowledge I have acquired into practice. I can’t wait to take on more clients’ projects in the near future in order to gain more hands-on experience and help the team with alleviating the workload. In terms of my long-term objectives, I am planning to become an SEO expert, aspire for a senior position and grow within the agency.

We know, Passion sounds like an incredible place to work! Dimi and Luca have managed to fit right in in such a short amount of time, and even our Passion ‘grown ups’ are still loving the social aspects of agency life. If you’d like to know more about starting a rewarding career as a grad – or if you’re interested in joining our ever-growing team as the next step in your work life – then you can easily get in touch! Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you might have about starting a career in marketing.