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Paid Social Show: the number of impressions is not the number of people impressed

Social media

Becky and Emily were excited to attend the first Paid Social Show in Brighton on 11th April, a Brighton SEO Conference Fringe event.

Talk topics covered many forms of paid social advertising, from channels Quora and Pinterest, to creating content and getting the most out of Facebook campaigns.

Here we share some of our key takeaways from the event:

Taking advantage of stories when the feed gets full – Tom Hillman – TransferWise

  • Run Instagram Stories in separate ad sets; while you lose efficiency gains from not choosing auto-placement, it’s worth it from a creative perspective


Big business video advertising on a small business budget – Phil Nottingham – Wistia

  • Non-strategic creative planning is the worst thing you can do when preparing video campaigns – refine the goals before you get to the creative
  • Don’t use the ‘Twister strategy’ of video distribution where you publish on all channels – distribute where you can best communicate
  • The number of impressions is not the number of people impressed, and the number of likes is not the number of people who like your video
  • There isn’t an ideal video length; you should focus more on telling the story as focusing on video length can restrict you in a negative way


LinkedIn ads – the B2B marketer’s silver bullet – AJ Willcox – B2Linked.com

  • Only use sponsored InMail advertising if it’s for a very special offer or for a personal invitation.
  • You could send 1,000 InMails, see a 50% open rate and then only a 3% action rate, meaning you pay to send 1,000 InMails but only get 15 actions
  • Be wary of lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn as you need someone to convert after only a few lines of copy vs. sending them to a dedicated landing page to convert where the lead quality will be far higher.
  • The LinkedIn US market is very expensive and so always split out US location targeting into a new ad set.


Targeting the full funnel with Quora ads – JD Prater – Quora

  • People don’t come to Quora to passively scroll, they are actively learning
  • Quora is a hybrid between search and social
  • Split your ad sets by desktop and mobile, as you’re a different person browsing on each platform


Facebook Analytics – Susan Wenograd – Aimclear

  • Lookalike audiences can’t scale and you’ll spend so much before they burn out, as Facebook will have found the audience members who will convert
  • If you see more users engaging and then converting versus converting alone, run an engagement campaign