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Getting Results in Google Adwords Part 2 – Extensions


Got 100’000’000’000 impressions but a click ain’t one? Unless your client asked for that specifically (which would mean that you’re servicing Dr. Evil), you need to raise the visibility of your ad. Enough with pop-culture references.. Here’s how to use Google Adwords nifty ad add-ons:

Google Analytics Tips and Tricks


This post is about Google Analytics (GA)– if you don’t have an account set it up now… How to Set Up Google Analytics. Imagine that one day Google decided to go into politics and run for president/prime minister/clan leader of your local government. Knowing that most elections are won by whoever can dig up more

April Fools Shenanigans


Each April 1st, the internet becomes a much more fun place to explore as the denizens, websites and even corporations try to either make you laugh or trick you. This year is no exception, with Google taking the lead so far: gBlimp – new ad serving method

Tools for Online Marketing – Charity Edition


Charities, like any organization can and should engage in online marketing activities, especially, since in most cases it’s much easier for them to attain results with smaller investment. Take Twitter, for example- a charity can generate a strong following much faster than a commercial company just by virtue of people being more emotional and interested

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