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Pitfalls When Doing SEO for Startups – Where To Start and What Not to Do


As a follow-on to the excellent article from our very own Dom Moriarty entitled “Start-up Guide to (Virtually) Free Digital Marketing” I thought it would be helpful to go into further detail on some of the things you will want to avoid (or at least keep in mind) when looking to promote a brand spanking

How Do You Know If Your SEO Company Is Following Best Practice?


Everybody that works within online marketing, especially those that specialise within SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will tell you that they only follow “best practice”. This is hardly surprising. After all, an SEO company is not likely to tell you they are following malpractice. Whilst within many industries, it is possible to both claim (and verify)

What is Google Authorship, and How is it Going to Affect SEO?


Google Authorship and SEO To date, Google’s use of authorship in search has had a fairly limited visible effect. Essentially, it has allowed bloggers and webmasters to have a photo and a link to their Google Plus account featured next to their post or page. This has likely helped some authors to increase their click-through

Managing Multiple Tracking Tags on Your Website


Have you got a tracking tag for your Google Analytics, your Google AdWords conversions, your Bing advertising account, your Google AdSense, your DoubleClick floodlight counter, your DoubleClick floodlight sales, your Google display network remarketing, your call tracking…? The list is literally endless. Historically, managing multiple tracking tags like these for even a small website can

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