Getting Results in Google Adwords Part 1 – Keyword Match Types


Google Adwords can be the best thing that happened to your business or charity since the demise of animated gifs on websites. It can also be a big headache and a mire of costs, spreadsheets and loads of unqualified visitors to your site, if it is setup or managed poorly.

One Step at a Time #2 – Engage and Track


This post is a part of the One Step at a Time series. View previous post here. In the last installment, I talked about the first steps of a new website. That is registering your brand name on social networks and getting your site indexed on the major search engines, thus probably saving a couple

Google Adwords “Related to” – an update


I wrote about stumbling upon the ‘related to..’ results in Google Adwords last Friday here. Since the chances of Google giving an answer to me were slim at best, I did my own research into the matter and here’s what I found out. The earliest reference to this phenomenon I found was from June 21st

Keyword | Title or Basic Onsite SEO


Two of the most frequent questions we get asked by potential and existing clients is a variation of “How does my website look from an SEO perspective?” or “How can my website rank higher on Google/Yahoo/Bing/Yandex/SearchEngine?” In most cases, especially with local or small businesses and charities the answer is, quite simply, onsite SEO. Not

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