Keyword | Title or Basic Onsite SEO


Two of the most frequent questions we get asked by potential and existing clients is a variation of “How does my website look from an SEO perspective?” or “How can my website rank higher on Google/Yahoo/Bing/Yandex/SearchEngine?” In most cases, especially with local or small businesses and charities the answer is, quite simply, onsite SEO. Not

One step at a time – First Steps of a New Website


This post is a part of the One Step at a Time series. View the next post here. Got a website – now what? Many companies, in my experience, believe that just having a website is enough to ‘be online’. While it may be true in some cases, the majority of us need to work to actually

Charities? Online?!


More and more businesses (I bet even your plumber has a website by now) get online every day – why not charities? Mostly it’s got to do with the perceived barriers, like the money, time and expertise required, which charities lack in most cases. Another major factor is ‘we’re not big enough’ or ‘we’re not
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