ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS FOR MOBILES: Why the AdWords world as we know it is going to End


In case you haven’t heard already, this morning Google announced some absolutely mega epic changes to the AdWords platform. They claim the changes will empower smaller businesses to ‘more simply and smartly manage your ad campaigns” across multi platforms. In actual fact, they are forcing all advertiser to advertise on mobile (unless you opt out)

The First Link Bubble of 2013?


 2013: The latest manipulation based strategy that will ping you to the top of the SERPs (for a while) [UPDATED!] Disclaimer: this is something I noticed yesterday (Jan 10th) – I have not had time to do a proper analysis to absolutely confirm this beyond all doubt. Every once in a while someone figures out

Merry Christmas from all at Passion Digital


Hope you have a lovely time over the festive period! Let’s hope the algorithms don’t give us any unwanted presents this year. And remember….

Pitfalls When Doing SEO for Startups – Where To Start and What Not to Do


As a follow-on to the excellent article from our very own Dom Moriarty entitled “Start-up Guide to (Virtually) Free Digital Marketing” I thought it would be helpful to go into further detail on some of the things you will want to avoid (or at least keep in mind) when looking to promote a brand spanking

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