Why Bing is the ugly sibling of search


I have worked in paid Search for around 4 years now and have worked on multiple platforms: Yahoo! (when there was one), AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube etc. But I have to say that the most irritating platform of all is Bing Ads (formerly the Microsoft adCentre). I use Bing for clients and I’m

30 Best Mobile Apps I use for my Digital Marketing Business – Top Mobile Apps for Agencies


How much can you actually do from your mobile phone?    Whilst watching a rather lacklustre England football game on my sofa the other evening I started going through various bits and bobs from work on my phone. I realised that I could pretty much get myself fully up to speed with everything that had

Social Media: Don’t miss the boat!


Fresh off the boat Social media is a hot topic as we all know. Professionals, journalists and practitioners talk about the benefits, debate the ability to measure its success and the ways to manage it effectively. It is recognised that social media is a core element within a brand. It is integrated into the business

Is Big Data the next Big Thing?


Definition Big Data (noun): For the purposes of this article I am referring to “Big Data” as companies collecting data that has accrued over the years of its existence in an attempt to find significant customer behavioral insights. How can the Hadron Collider potentially help us use and understand the benefits of Big Data? This

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