Managing Multiple Tracking Tags on Your Website


Have you got a tracking tag for your Google Analytics, your Google AdWords conversions, your Bing advertising account, your Google AdSense, your DoubleClick floodlight counter, your DoubleClick floodlight sales, your Google display network remarketing, your call tracking…? The list is literally endless. Historically, managing multiple tracking tags like these for even a small website can

Startup guide to (virtually) free digital marketing


With the number of startups rising and the economy still taking it’s Jack and Jill like tumble down the hill, it’s no surprise that cunning entrepreneurs are trying to delve into digital for as little cost as possible. It would seem the smartest ones aren’t just engaging with their audience and heightening brand awareness but

Pinterest and Passion Digital


Pinterest is now the must-use website in promoting content and having a presence online. I would say it is the logical middle-poin between Facebook and Twitter, but with a focus on images.  Like Twitter, there is no real distinction between the normal user and a business like there is with Facebook, yet it functions more

My First Month As An Online Marketing Executive


With a sister working as an Account Strategist at Google, you would have thought I had a lot of insight into online marketing…. I didn’t.  From the insight I did have and with online marketing being a relatively new, expanding and exciting field I was driven to find out more.  Inquisitive and curious about the
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