Google’s SSL Encryption: protecting your privacy or killing off competitor Ad Networks?


  What’s happened? On Tuesday 18th October Google told us that searches made by users that are signed-in would, by default, be made via the SSL version of Google (https// As a result, webmasters will no longer be able to see the search query (keyword) that sent their visitors to their websites. Most, but not

Adwords Extensions – Sitelinks Extension


Have you ever sat in front of your computer, staring blankly at the rows and rows of exported Adwords data and wondering what you’ve done to your life and what your skills would amount to in the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Me neither – I love this job!  [Image via] One of the best parts of this industry

Search Data in Google Analytics May Become a Reality


Get your party hats out! Seems that Google has finally made the decision to go ahead with something that webmasters have been praying for – merging Google Webmaster tools data into Google Analytics.

Google +1 Launches Website Button


When Google launched their +1 experiment in March, I was a bit sceptical about them trying to muscle in on Facebook ‘like’ turf. In any case it seems that the experiment has gone better than expected and almost three months later they’re launching the +1 button for websites. As far as I understand, the websites
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