One step at a time – First Steps of a New Website


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Got a website – now what?

Many companies, in my experience, believe that just having a website is enough to ‘be online’. While it may be true in some cases, the majority of us need to work to actually get people visiting the website. As with all things in life, this Venn diagram perfectly illustrates the dilemma that arises:

Marketing dilemma

Pictured: life’s harshness

In other words; good results will cost you either time or money.

The easy way (pay money and forget) is to take on professionals to help you with promoting your site through the various channels on the internet; search engines, blogging activities, banner ads on relevant websites, link sharing, pay per click advertising, Twitter, Facebook etc. The not-so-easy way is to start learning the ropes yourself- which is what I’ll try to teach you in this ‘One step at a time’ series.

In any case there are some things that require a minimal effort on your part and loads of savings in ‘set up’, ‘insertion’ and ‘registration’ fees that most agencies will charge for small tasks in the hopes that the client has got no clue on the costs involved. Admittedly, some companies/agents/experts actually do put in that little extra work that makes it all come together in a really beautiful way, but in these cases they will be able to provide proof of their plans and work.

‘Registering your brand online’ and ‘submission to search engines’ are the two most notorious ‘charge because we can’ positions you’ll see on the invoice. Why are they ‘bad’? – because it takes a total of 10 minutes to do them and they are free. Here’s what you can do:

Register your brand

Submission to search engines

As you can see- there’s nothing complicated about this. On the other hand- the only thing you’ve done is made sure that nobody registers an account with your name on relevant sites and that sometime in the next 2 weeks a web-spider will visit your page. But don’t feel depressed- this is a start of a beautiful (love-hate) friendship with the Internet! be continued..

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