My First Month As An Online Marketing Executive


With a sister working as an Account Strategist at Google, you would have thought I had a lot of insight into online marketing…. I didn’t.  From the insight I did have and with online marketing being a relatively new, expanding and exciting field I was driven to find out more.  Inquisitive and curious about the digital marketing world and stimulated by the prospect of being able to help a client grow their business online, I got into contact with Passion Digital.

From day 1 of working with Passion Digital I was quickly welcomed into a dedicated team of online marketers. I began my journey with learning the very basics from the Google AdWords classroom, finding out more about our clients, getting to grips with AdWords Editor and Google Analytics and trying to understand how pandas and penguins came into the equation.

At first, bewildered about how I was going to learn everything and take in so much information, some things slowly started to click, through practice, making mistakes and trial and error. Some particular tasks have undoubtedly been more interesting than others.  I have enjoyed optimising PPC accounts and getting involved with on-site search engine optimisation.  I was then thrown in at the deep end with the task of backlink researching. Reading endless amounts of articles on link building and trying to get my head around how to go about this struck me at first. I began by researching competitors who already ranked well for the same-targeted keywords as us and examined their backlinks, some of these were not always the sort of links we would want to be getting! Spending hours researching and feeling as if I had hit a brick wall made me come to the agreement stated by the majority of link building articles, “link building is almost always the most challenging part of an SEO’s job.”

Put on track by my fellow team members I began researching link-building tools that might be of use to us. The area I was told to focus on was tools that help find areas where we can post good quality content throughout the web in related areas and sectors to which we work. One tool that I have found to be particularly useful is the Link Prospector Tool. This tool finds and returns a list of potential partner sites that enables me to sift through them and identify possible link building opportunities. I know that link building is hard, but have realised from my hours of research that there are more creative ways that you could build good quality link and attract people to link to your content. This is certainly where my focus will be going rather than article sites, directories, social bookmarks etc…

With it still being early days and only making marginal adjustments to Google PPC accounts, I have been shocked to find myself already looking back at these accounts to see whether traffic has increased and whether our clients are getting more conversions, better CTR’s, Lower CPC’s and so on. With only little experience, these four weeks have made me realise just how rewarding it can be to work in an industry like this.

Over the last four weeks, working for a small but growing business has provided me with a wide job specification allowing me to get involved with many aspects of the company.  I have found it inspiring to work within a team who are so passionate about what they do and I aspire to feed off their enthusiasm. I look forward to the time ahead of me where I’ll continue to learn new things and come across new ideas in the online marketing world.