Introducing Typosaurus – A Website Spell Checker

Mike Grindy 24/02/2015 2 minutes

The developers in Passion Digital have recently created Typosaurus, a fully responsive website which allows you to check the spelling across a website with real ease.

It was created out of necessity, as our PPC and SEO teams were noticing silly spelling mistakes on the core landing pages of many brand new clients. As part of our usual checks we’d copy the text present on these pages into Microsoft Word and then immediately see any spelling errors that way. However, this took time and we assumed that a better way to do the same job must exist.

To our surprise, though, it didn’t.

So rather than just returning to the status quo, the web developers took it upon themselves to create something which would do the same job in much less time. Initially we just used their creation internally to great effect. However, as news of their work soon started to spread through friends in the industry, it became clear that others wanted to use it to.

So now we’ve given it a bit of personality and made it available for all to use free of charge. We’ve even created a Chrome Extension to make it even easier to use. We now want as many people to use it as possible, so please give it a try and download it. If it saves you as much time as it’s saved us, then you’ll be very happy.

So how do you use it?

  1. Go to the site:
  2. Paste in up to 100 URLs in the white box and click ‘scan’:

Typosaurus Screenshot

  1. You’ll then be presented with the results. On our site, due to Typosaurus, we now don’t have spelling errors, so your URL will receive a clean bill of health and your report – which takes a matter of seconds to produce – will look something like so:

Passion pass with flying colours!

For lesser sites a report would look something like this:

WaterAid Typosaurus Results

You’ll see the errors have been clearly highlighted and you can now go about correcting them. When possible, Typosaurus will also suggest what the word you may have been aiming for is and indicate how it’s correctly spelt.

On occasion the tool may indicate that errors exist where actually none do, but either way it highlights all suspicious spelling and makes it clearly visible to you for review.

If you then want to look at another batch of URLs, then you simply return to the homepage and start the process once again.

If you download the extension, then the process is even simpler, as you literally just need to click on the icon and a spelling report for the page you are on will instantly be created.

We envision Typosaurus being used lots by webmasters and content editors, as well as anyone with a website of their own. This allows you to spot spelling errors before your visitors or customers do, so the 5 seconds it takes to produce a report is certainly a worthy investment of your time.