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6 Best Ecommerce Website Designs on the Internet (and what we love about them)


For UX designers, nothing is more important on an e-commerce site than the product page itself.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite online shops’ product pages and some handy pointers to remember when creating your own:

Best for: Keeping it simple

Why we love it
Simple, minimalist and clean, this is a shop that gets the product in the basket with minimal fuss. Choose the colour, choose the size, add it to your bag. With all the additional product information easily found below the fold in a tidy accordion, the only question you really need to ask is: are you really going to wear a £150 pair of wellington boots?

Best for: Product relationships

Why we love it
An easy way to upsell products through your shop is to encourage customers to purchase other items in addition to what they’re already viewing. Asos does this brilliantly by encouraging customers to “Buy the Look” which cross-sells everything on the model from the jewellery to the shoes and socks. Who can resist?

Best for: Thinking outside the box

Why we love it
Zara has one of those websites that splits people down the middle, with some users calling it “aggressively hipster” and complaining about tiny font sizes, and hardly visible navigation. But their minimal, image-driven online shop lets the clothes speak for themselves, and we love the static side columns, idiosyncratic image alignment, and full page auto-suggest search box. Love it or hate it you can’t deny that it stands out from the rest.

Best for: Displaying lots of info

Why we love it
Fitbit’s website sells few products, but each one has a large amount of technical information to display. The tabbed content approach means it is easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in a simple, user-friendly format, and the custom, eye-catching iconography gives you a clear view of the various product features.

Best for: Perfect visuals

Why we love it
Don’t just say it, show it! Having an eye-catching E-commerce website design style is integral to making sales. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures. Bellroy’s perfect product imagery and video helps the customer get a great understanding of the product very quickly, and the quicker your user is able to grasp the product, the more likely it is that will convert to a sale.

Final points to remember:

Where’s your buy button?
This is the primary function of the page right? So make it large, make it bright and most importantly, make it visible above the fold.

Get your message across!
Next day delivery? Free returns? Online customer service? Whatever your selling point is, make sure it’s visible on the page so the customer knows about it!

Mobile matters!
With over half of online sales now being made on mobiles, your shop must also look be easy to use on a small screen with clear calls to action. Slow loading pages or confusing navigation can also cause basket abandonment, so remember to always use responsive website design!

Filters are your friends
Advanced filtering can improve the customers’ shopping experience by narrowing down the vast array of products to only ones that match their needs.  If only you could do that in shops, right?