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How to Market to Millennials


According to a Guardian article from March 2016, there are 13.8 million people who would fit under the definition of ‘millennials’ in the United Kingdom alone. This is a massive segment of the market that many businesses are making a priority. So here is our handy guide on how best to communicate with them.

Step 1 – Be Authentic

With the rise of social media and the bar to fame being lowered more and more, ‘normal’ people are finding large audiences. That guy down the road is actually a famous gamer online and has millions of viewers on Twitch. That young girl buying flowers is a massive blogger with a book deal on the way.
This makes the manufactured messages cast down by big brother seem more and more transparent. One of the things millennials prefer above all else is authenticity. Using bloggers and other influencers to help promote your brand will be a much more effective strategy than large scale campaigns when it comes to reaching this demographic. The hard sell is out, your messaging should sound like a recommendation from a fellow consumer. Don’t just shout about how great your product is.

Step 2 – Collaborate with them

We have more powerful tools than ever to connect and interact with our audience, use these to your advantage. Remember, the “Me” generation – as they’re affectionately known – are dying to tell you’re their thoughts and opinions. Connect with your audience on their terms and utilise user-generated content to give your audience a voice.

Step 3 – Make it Mobile

This digital-first generation grew up with keyboards at their fingertips. Ensuring that your brand has a solid mobile presence is vital. Your website should be as easy to read on a tablet or phone as it is on a desktop. Do you have an app where your customers can engage with your content and products? You can always spot a millennial in the wild because they will have their noses buried in their phones, so make sure that your brand is where they are looking.

Step 4 – Swag

One of the best strategies used to connect with millennials is to get them to market on your behalf. A great way to market to them is to reward them for their loyalty. Freebies or discounts for getting their friends to sign up to your service or buy your product.
Last summer saw one of the greatest examples of millennial-centred marketing where popular soft drink maker, Oasis, offered Twitter user, Scott, free drinks if he donned an Oasis branded T-shirt for a month:

This lead to Scott posting selfies daily of him wearing various branded shirts and more people putting their hands up to join in! #HumanOasisAdvert

This campaign is social, interactive, involves great user generated content and made Scott and other consumers into walking billboards for your brand. Tap into this generation’s mind set and you will have a veritable army promoting your brand.

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