How to get a job in Digital Marketing


Thinking about a career in Digital Marketing? We don’t blame you! Our lives are more online than ever, so who wouldn’t want to better understand this challenging world of ads and algorithms. With around 2,900 monthly searches for ‘digital marketing jobs’, we want to help you get the edge!

The forecast looks good, with brands upping their digital spend by 8.5% in 2017, and 65% of agencies gearing up to recruit this year. However, this is an industry perceived (quite rightly) to be fun and sociable, where qualifications are nonessential, meaning fierce competition.
These easy-to-achieve tips will help you demonstrate your dedication to digital when in an interview, and give you the best shot of landing a starting role. Good luck job seekers!

Offer yourself freely: Internships

Even a two-week stint is enough to show commitment and add some relevant experience to your CV.  What else are you going to do with summer holidays that long and a student budget?! Plenty of agencies provide internships and if you do a good job when you’re there, you may well get a job offer at the end of it.

Socially adept: LinkedIn

Employers loathe splashing the cash on recruiter fees, so they often handle matters themselves. Set up a professional looking profile and put your social media stalking skills to good use! By connecting with digital recruiters, HR contacts, digital agencies you admire, and following companies you have an interest in, you’ll see posts about opportunities in your newsfeed.

Digital DIY: Build your own site

For very little cost you can buy a domain, build your own WordPress theme website and host your very own website! Not only is this good experience, but you could kill two birds with one stone if you opt to create a personal portfolio as your website. Or you could start a Game of Thrones fan theory website and set the world to rights!

Give it a Go(oogle)

Readily available website building tools (see point above) have enabled budding entrepreneurs to bring their bright ideas to life digitally. If you know someone with a fledgling online business that trusts you enough to let you market their wares, then grab that opportunity! The digital community is an open one so you’ll find lots of advice online to follow. Google offer incentives to new advertisers in the form of free credit too, so although you have to commit some funds initially, you’ll get a few ‘free spins’ to learn from as well.

Learning off the job: Google Partners

There’s no escaping Google platforms if a career in digital is what you’re after. These courses are free to sit so starting to study now/getting the qualification under your belt before interviews shows aptitude and will give you a head start when you do start work.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Google AdWords Certification

Read all about it

When the interviewer asks you to ‘name a recent campaign that you loved/hated/admired’, don’t be left scratching your head. There are loads of free publications you can subscribe to. Here are a few of our faves.

Network to get work

Particularly in bigger cities, there are plenty of gatherings with a ‘light seasoning’ of work that you can attend. You might learn something, you might meet a potential employer, and you might even get a free beer. Find something that tickles your fancy on the below sites.

Being a vibrant industry where it pays to stay ahead of the curve means agencies and companies are looking to hire employees with a go-get attitude. (It sounds like a cliche, but it’s true!). The most important thing is to demonstrate that you have skills that apply to the role you want. So do not fear if your previous experience/education seems removed from digital marketing, it’s all about showing your passion for digital and displaying those transferable skills.