How to Drive Phone Conversions with PPC


Driving phone calls with PPC

In this digitally driven commercial world, everyone should know that communicating with customers online is critical to success. We’re often approached by companies wanting to know where the best quality leads come from with regards to advertising and our answer is often the same: mobile.

[tweetable alt=””]According to Google, 61% of all mobile adverts result in a phone call[/tweetable], illustrating how important they can be in the sales funnel and conversion process. This is because it’s extremely easy to go from searching for information on your mobile, to then finding a company and then making a call. It only takes a “click” for a customer to call once they see an ad which they like.

Phone calls are the most valuable source of leads and the most common method of consumer communication (Marketing Profs), so let’s take a look at the ways in which you can encourage them from PPC.

Call-Only Campaigns

What if you could bypass the landing page and get people to call you straight away without them having to even click on the ad? Well, thanks to a new Google feature, called “call-only campaigns”, you are now able to do that. It’s a truly great new way for any business to reach their potential customers by plainly displaying their phone number, business description and call button. Other options include location and call extensions. Both of them encourage calls to your business by making it easy for people to call you on the go. Overall, it has been found that call extensions solely can typically increase click-through rates by 6-8% (Google).

The Customer Call Experience Matters

Even small changes to the customer call experience can make a big difference. Improving operational efficiency might be one of the top priorities, but what matters most is creating an overall positive experience for potential clients. 82% of consumers say that the number one factor that leads to great customer service is having their issue resolved quickly (Fonolo). It has been estimated that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as key brand differentiator (Customers 2020 Report).

Schedule Your Ads

It’s really important that you are driving phone calls to your business when there is someone present in the office to answer the call. In my experience this is very often overlooked. If you can’t always have someone by a phone, just make sure that the message they are given is helpful and encourages them to leave details.

Call Tracking to Improve Your Lead Quality

There is nothing more important for marketers than spending their clients money wisely. Call tracking is a great help here, as it will tell them which channels are generating high quality phone calls and which are not. Implementing call tracking will take you no time and the costs associated with this are negligible. Not only does it show you how many calls each advertising channel is producing, but it also provides you with phone call rates. Thus it helps you estimate a conversion rate for various marketing channels. This in turn allows you to cut down your expenses where necessary and generate better quality leads, ultimately resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Good luck driving your phone conversions with PPC!