Every week we round-up the 5 stories in digital marketing that we’re chatting about across our desks and share our opinions on them:

1. The ‘What time does the Super Bowl start?’ SEO Trick Loses Its Luster

There are still a number of small tricks publishers among other business’ use in order to rank well for terms with extremely high search volume, this in turn generates a windfall of traffic for the website. There are still many popular questions that Google haven’t answered directly just yet, however judging by their response to the Super Bowl question I’m sure that they are working on answering such queries themselves in order to stop businesses like the Huffington Post from profiting from this in the future. There is still opportunity to rank well for these highly searched terms, it is just a matter of finding them and creating a post that is well optimized. – Marc Gorman, SEO Executive

2. Bing Now Powers AOL Search

While Bing powering AOL search probably won’t have too much of an impact on the way we manage Bing PPC, it’s certainly interesting with regard to search engine market share, with them standing at around 21% of this. They are evidently chasing Google wherever possible. This is also something to bear in mind when discussing the use of Bing Ads with clients / leads and potentially something to consider when reviewing performance, although I’m yet to find where we can exclude our results from particular engines and therefore utilise this as part of our optimisation strategies. – Luke Godwin, PPC Manager

3. Why Budweiser Teamed Up With Live Music App Dice To Reach UK College Kids

Using live music events to reach party-savvy students is a no-brainer. We’ve seen beer brands like Red Stripe and Heineken sponsor big broadcasts through Boiler Room. Budweiser, however, used Dice’s meticulously planned push notifications to communicate and connect with fans on a much more personal level. – Patrick Havey, Social Media Executive

4. Breakthrough Funding Launches UK Beer Pong Championships With Yoyo

This is one of those campaigns you look at and think ‘I wish we’d done that!’. Fair play to Breakthrough Funding and their agency Yoyo who came up with this fun and boozy way to engage their B2B audience. Good luck to all the teams who have entered! – Natasha Painter, Account Manager 

5. How Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline Affects Social Media Marketers

It’s finally happened! Are you seeing any difference? Probably not.  For a start, you have to activate it in your account settings.  As with Facebook, if users ensure they follow the accounts they actually want to follow, their experience will likely be very positive.  For marketers, organic reach will suffer and it will become more of a paid medium, but that’s what Twitter want right? Our strategies have long been focused on less noise, more action and paid has always been a part of this so we’ll be continuing as planned.  We predict that once this whirlwind has passed, Twitter will stabilize and growth will resume. – Dom Moriarty, Head of Social


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