Just posted an update with some information from Google.

During some keyword research on Google for a client yesterday and found this gem of a result:

Google adwords recommended results

How is a nose and tummy similar?

Ok, I’ll admit –  ‘sinus surgery’ is almost synonymous with ‘rhinoplasty’, but ‘tummy tuck’?! I wouldn’t bat an eyelid on such innovation in organic search, but people actually are paying for their ad to show up for what they’re targeting, not what Google thinks is related to what they’re targeting. I really hope that this was just an experiment on part of an intern.

Also- this raised a question; I’m very much for Google  showing results for correct spelling instead of corect spelung, but what should happen if  ‘Corect Spelung’ is your brand name and you have ads set up especially for ‘corect spelung’? Currently it’s two different results pages with ‘ask.com’s <query>, get <query>, find <query>‘ ad on the spelung page, but shouldn’t that ad (granted they’ve targeted ‘spelung’) show up on the ‘correct spelling’ results?

Think that over the weekend Google – I expect an answer on Monday.

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