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Facebook Reactions Are The Answer To All Boring Content

Content Marketing

The humble emoji, mocked for many years as a try hard little guy forcing people to feel a certain way about life.  Then we realised we actually quite liked them.  Like canned laughter in a 90s American sitcom, they actually accentuate the sentiment of the post. This makes it more engaging to our brains, which is why Facebook Reactions came about.

Since Facebook Reactions launched in February, there haven’t been any stories of huge spikes in engagement.  From a user point of view it has simply changed the way people can express themselves to something more natural.

For years I’ve told peers and clients that the best content connects with any of the basic human emotions, most of the time no doubt I sang a very rusty line of Make ‘Em Laugh from Singin’ In The Rain

However, now Facebook have done the work for us encapsulating exactly what you should be trying to achieve with your content, whatever it is and wherever it is.


My call to action is very simple.  The next time you create a piece of content, be it a social post, an article for your blog or a huge linkable asset for your global client, think of Facebook’s little slice of emotional life and ask yourself; “Does this piece of content make people feel like one of these previously mocked little guys?” If the answer is no, get back to the drawing board!