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Facebook F8 Conference Round Up


Facebook F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference happened in California earlier this week, and we’ve rounded up the most exciting points from the event. While the event is aimed at developers, they unveiled some cool new features that both users and marketers alike can get excited about!

Facebook F8

Facebook Dating

Looking for love? Forget Tinder and Bumble, Facebook is releasing their very own version of a dating platform within the app. According to Facebook, users will have the option to create a dating profile, which will then be only visible to other users with dating profiles who are not already your friends. Considering how much Facebook knows about you already, this could mean your potential soul mate is only a click away!

Clear History

Facebook and other social media platforms have been clamping down on the privacy of their users (you may have noticed the pop up asking you to review the terms and conditions when you’ve opened each platform recently). Facebook is taking this a step further and will be introducing a feature that will allow its users to erase any past data history that Facebook has on them, a bit like deleting the cookies from your web browser.

Oculus Go

Virtual Reality is everywhere you look at the moment, and Facebook clearly thinks that the new technology has got longevity, as they’re releasing their very own VR headset (the Oculus Go) for purchase. Facebook’s headset will rival that of Samsung’s, where you have to input your mobile phone into the headset itself. The small gadget will be available to buy for $199 (32GB), will be fully portable. Oculus TV will also be arriving soon, with apps such as Netflix and Hulu soon to be available to watch inside your very own VR headset.
The increase in the use of VR technology is paving the way for some really exciting advances in the world of digital, increasing possibilities for experiential marketing hugely.

Facebook Oculus Go F8

Direct Sharing to Stories

Apps such as Spotify, Soundcloud and GoPro have introduced an option for users to share information directly from the apps straight to their Instagram or Facebook stories. According to Tech Crunch, Facebook is introducing this feature to increase competition with Snapchat stories.

AI Advances

While the first day of the conference focused on Facebook’s privacy features and some new additions to the platform, the second day’s focus was on the development of connectivity and artificial intelligence. Facebook’s most recent advance in AI technology was shared, in the form of new kind of image recognition feature. Their investments into the scientific research of AI are huge, with the team successfully training their image recognition on a dataset of 3.5 billion publicly available photos. This sort of technology has already helped the platform identify that violates their terms of use.

You can watch all of the keynote videos from both days of the F8 conference here