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Discovering the world of digital marketing: My work experience at Passion Digital


Hi, my name is Neha and I’ve spent these past two weeks doing my work experience at Passion Digital. I learnt a lot about digital marketing and what it has to offer, as well as enjoying my time in the office and working with the Passion staff. Here’s a quick summary of what I got up to during my work experience.


What I Learnt

The first three days consisted of quite a bit of research into Passion Digital: What they do, what their website includes, analysis of their competitors etc. To make my experience more interactive and fun, I worked with different teams over the course of the two weeks (Social Media, PPC, Web, and SEO) to gain more of an understanding of the agency and its different digital marketing services. It was quite interesting to learn how differently all the teams operate and the work they do. This helped a great deal with my research, communication and adaptability skills. I also noticed myself become more confident as the days went by, which is something I personally struggle with, so it was good to be able to step out of my comfort zone a little. I liked the fact that I transitioned after every few days to another team, it just meant more knowledge for me!

What I Created

Whilst I was working with the social media team, I was given a task to write about anything I found interesting which, of course, was linked to social media. I gave it some thought and decided to write about the effect social media has on youth. I chose this topic since I come under the age category most people consider as ‘youth’, and with this in mind I thought it may have more of a personal touch if I could relate to my research. Whilst researching about the effects, I come across one article that I could relate to very closely during my research. I read a sub-heading that said “sleep deprivation” which instantly caught my eye because as a teenager that keeps my phone next to me at night, there’s no doubt that I’m not getting as much sleep as I should. After finding multiple interesting articles like this it became clear that the research I carried out was not only fun, but also showed how social media has its ways of educating us without us even knowing.

Who I Learnt From

This is where it gets interesting. Katarina (Passion Digital’s marketing and PR manager who I was mainly working with) told me that I’ll be interviewing people in the company so I would have to prepare work-related questions and choose five staff members to interview. I thought about who I’d want to choose and decided that it would be fun to pick one person from each team to get a variety of different perspectives. Not only was I expected to interview them, but also to record the interviews so the videos could go up on Passion Digital’s Instagram page. I like to think I chose questions that got everyone thinking about their job in more depth. The questions ranged from ‘how did you become interested in your field?’ to ‘how do you deal with people you don’t particularly like when working together/as a team?’ The answers gave me a fascinating insight into both Passion digital and the working world in general. It was an opportunity for the staff here to talk about their job and for me to learn more about the agency through talking to people individually. I have to say, this possibly the highlight of my whole experience here.

What’s Next For Me?

By doing work experience at Passion Digital, I can say with assurance that I’ll be taking a lot of knowledge and new skills with me to the next stage of my life. I’ve become more interested in and would love to learn more about digital marketing or a field that’s fairly similar to it. One of the main reasons I liked working here so much was because of how friendly and welcoming everyone was. They made it easy to fit in and helped me through any nervous or awkward feelings I might have had at the start. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. It was a wonderful two weeks doing work experience at Passion Digital and I have high hopes both for myself and the future of the agency!