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Chrome Extensions the Passion Crew Can’t Live Without

Content Marketing

Here at Passion, we love a lot of things: digital marketing (duh), a cold beer with our teammates after work on a Friday (oh, how we miss this – virtual drinks just aren’t the same!), videos of cats doing funny cat things (exhibit A) and, of course, Chrome browser extensions.

If you’re anything like us – and, since you’re reading this blog post, we think you might be – you love anything that makes getting your work done quicker, more efficient and enjoyably easier. Our team is always working online (again, duh) and most – if not all – of us have Google Chrome as our default web browser, so we like to stay up to date with the best Google Chrome web extensions.

From Pocket (oh, that one is a fan favourite) to MozBar, here are some of the favourite Chrome extensions of some of our favourite Passionistas.

The Best Google Chrome Extensions

Our PPC Executive Johnny’s pick

PPC Keyword Wrapper: PPC Keyword Wrapper is something I use very frequently. It allows you to change keyword match types in bulk easily and quickly – it’s saved me countless hours of work.

Our Content Marketing Manager Rosie’s picks

Screen Shader: As I suffer from migraines caused by bluelight, I couldn’t live without this extension. It tints the screen in Chrome (turning it into a pukey orange that I used to hate but now find comforting!). The content team works almost exclusively with G Suite, so I can use it on Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides and avoid the harsh white of a blank page.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant: This extension is absolutely essential to our content process – and is another key reason why we switched to writing and storing all of our content work as Google Docs. The tool provides content optimisation suggestions based on the text in a Google Doc, essentially mimicking the Google spider and highlighting any SEO issues. It tells you the optimum word count for an article based on the specific keywords it is targeting, plus a range of additional keywords that will help your content rank above your competitors.

It is only available with a paid SEMrush account, but if you are producing regular content then I would recommend it as a must-have!

MozBar: MozBar has tonnes of SEO functions, but I mostly use it as a quick way to check follow/no follow/internal/external links without having to dive into the code of a web page. It’s great for non-technical SEOs!

Our Junior Paid Social Manager Katy’s picks

Facebook Pixel Helper: Facebook Pixel Helper is the main extension I use to check whether a site has a Pixel installed, which Pixel it is and if it’s working properly. Definitely one of my favourites.

Eye Dropper: I use the Eye Dropper extension quite a lot to replicate a particular colour from a website either in reports or Photoshop. This is a great extension for anyone who works with design.

Our Front-end Developer Ian’s pick

Social Share Preview: This has been a bit of a life saver recently. As the name suggests, it lets you see what a link preview will look like on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest – this is a great extension for everyone from devs to blog owners.

Our Junior Full Stack Developer Stephen’s picks

Pocket: Great for sharing links, especially if you’re a data hoarder like me. It lets you search the links and organise them into categories. It helps to stop my browsers from being cluttered with hundreds of links and integrates with all modern browsers, so if I save something on Firefox I can see it on Chrome.

Showing the pages I’ve saved to the archive.

Noisli: A “music” extension to help you focus/chill/motivate/etc. It’s got tonnes of variations of background noises from coffeeshop to thunderstorm. It can drown out any office noises, which works great when I’m up against a deadline. You can set it to work on a timer as well so it will turn off when you want to tell yourself to take a break. My favourite combo is wind, rain, thunder and coffeeshop – very cosy.

Playing wind, rain and thunder.

Muzli: This one is Chrome exclusive. It replaces your default tab with a feed of links that are constantly updated. Very similar to Microsoft Edge’s or Firefox’s link feed but much easier to tailor to your interests – you can change it so your feed is more geared towards what you’re interested in which, for me, are web topics like UI/UX, dev and tech. Kind of similar to old school RSS feeds from back in the day.

When you open a new tab in Chrome.

BrowserStack: Lets you emulate different browsers, devices or operating systems to test a website. Since there are so many different screens or browsers on mobile devices it can be a pain to test these all manually so this allows us devs to test for a device we mightn’t have immediate access to. For example, you can see if there are any errors with how the site is displaying on Safari on an iPad.

Emulating a Galaxy S9 and showing the best website on Earth.

Xdebug: This helps us devs debug any PHP errors/issues our website builds have. It integrates with our IDE as well so it’s a massive time saver, especially if you end up “inheriting” some older sites that haven’t been worked on in a while.

Redirect Path: Shows any redirects you’ve been sent on when you visit a page and flags any HTTP status codes that are happening on a web page. It’s a subtle plugin and a time saver, meaning you don’t have to go searching for any meta issues in the console.

When you visit a 404 page.

Our Founder Mike’s picks

BuiltWith: BuiltWith is one that I know a lot of our Passionistas use. It crawls the internet to tell you what technologies a specific website is using – really useful for anyone looking to analyse technology trends or stay up to date with what your competitors are doing.

Pocket (again!): I also really like this one! I think Pocket is a great app/extension for saving content quickly and easily that I can then read through when I’m offline or on the tube.

What Google Chrome extensions do you use in your work and personal life? Let us know down in the comments. Or, if you’d like even more recommendations from our team of digital marketing experts – perhaps about your next web build or content strategy – get in touch with us today.