More and more businesses (I bet even your plumber has a website by now) get online every day – why not charities?

Mostly it’s got to do with the perceived barriers, like the money, time and expertise required, which charities lack in most cases. Another major factor is ‘we’re not big enough’ or ‘we’re not known enough’.. Well that’s the whole point of getting online, isn’t it? to grow your charity and increase the awareness for your cause.

Just to rephrase- most charities that have started seriously using the internet for fundraising have achieved phenomenal results, with online donations often growing by more than 100% within a year, with even higher numbers in some cases.

With tools like Google Adwords, you get complete control on your spending, and with tracking the traffic through Analytics, you even see your return on investment with a remarkable precision. Furthermore, you can set up ecommerce tracking for your website, thus getting information about the precise amounts of donations your charity is attracting. Long story short- there are tools that let you advertise effectively, even if you got only £1 per day to spend.

That covers the money problem, but the time and expertise remain factors. That can be tackled in one of two ways; either find an online marketing agency that knows charities (shameless plug!) or get yourself a tech savvy volunteer. Admittedly, the first option will probably cost you more, but you get good results quickly with a reasonable price tag or you get good results gradually over time, while your volunteer gets to grips with the plethora of information.

Whatever may be the case, just being online costs you nothing more than a domain name and hosting, both of which should be about a hundred or two per year (barring large charity sites, of course). Adding a small but targeted marketing budget to that, so your site will actually be found just seems common sense.

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