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For those who aren’t aware, Google Ad Grants is a non-profit facet of Google’s Pay Per Click advertising platform Adwords.  non-profits and charities may be entitled to up to $10,000 of free advertising every month through Google Ad Grants.

Traditionally this was only applicable to a single domain. However, Google recently announced that Google Ad Grant users may be able to promote multiple domains through the same account, offering a real marketing boost for non-profits.

Reasons You Can Request An Exception From The “One Domain” Rule

You can request an exception to the single domain website policy if your charity has other websites which:

  • Promote ongoing projects with similar content, owned by your organization
  • Contain the same information as your main domain but for a different language audience
  • Replace your original website because you’ve changed your domain since applying for Ad Grants

What does this mean for non-profit organisations?

This is great news for all varieties of non-profits; we have worked with a number of organisations who have multiple domains beneath an umbrella organisation and, until now, promoting the other domains has been through AdWords, paid for using funds which could be better utilised elsewhere.

If accepted, non-profits can now save on marketing costs and take full advantage of the $10,000 available.

You’re probably thinking, what if we already spend or are close to spending $10,000 per month… won’t the additional domains reduce spend on our current domain? The answer is yes it will, but fear not, Google offer a GrantsPro account!

Google GrantsPro offers advertisers $40,000 per month. There are certain criteria which need to be met based on your existing Google Ad Grant account, though:

  • Spent at least $9,900 twice in at six months
  • Correctly installed Conversion Tracking and tracking at least one conversion
  • Account-level Click-Through-Rate of 1% or higher
  • Agree to complete surveys and provide conversion data numbers
  • Manage the account weekly or bi-weekly

Passion Digital have worked with a large number of charities and charitable trusts, we can help apply for Ad Grants, multiple domains and GrantsPro on your behalf – we also manage Ad Grant accounts for non-profits on an on-going basis, to ensure we’re maximising the value of Google Ad Grants for our clients.

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