3 Things in SEO This Week


Mobile Yet? –Better Get Moving! As of 21st of April, Google will be introducing a change to their algorithm that non-mobile friendly sites won’t like. Google is to reward those sites which users can access via tablets and mobile with improved rankings as this will be introduced as a ranking signal moving forward. Google has

HTTPS Migration Cheat Sheet


HTTPS Cheat Sheet Everyone has heard about HTTPS now being a new ranking signal in the eyes of Google. But when it comes to implementation and our clients are asking us how to do it, everything turns a little bit more complicated, doesn’t it? With this HTTPS Migration Cheat Sheet we will try and make things a bit

SEO Basics Pt. 7: Keyword Mapping


Compass on map
Keyword mapping is the straightforward process of ensuring that certain pages on your website mention certain words and phrases, so that they then rank in the search results for those certain words or phrases. This heavily influences site content and structure. So let’s imagine that you sell cheap fancy dress for all sorts of occasions

PR and SEO: A Natural Digital Evolution


Planet of the Apes
Once upon a time, SEO and PR existed as two separate entities and provided very different digital marketing solutions. Fast forward to today, and you will see that this is no longer the case. At present, PR and SEO are now working more closely together in a new evolved and integrated digital landscape. But how
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