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Paid Search Advertising Build – Part 1


PPC Build Part 1

In this series we will be looking at the process of starting a paid search advertising account from the ground up. In this first post we will be looking at the very early stages of PPC search, the things you need to clarify with a client before you really start. First Step Having a set

Creating Labels In AdWords Editor


Introduction The most important aspect of PPC is testing. Test test test. There is no such thing as the best, only the “optimum for now”. This means we are always changing elements of the account, from ad copy and keywords to account structure to drive better quality traffic or drive down CPA! Keeping track of

What Is The Best PPC Build?


Recently I have been hearing more about Beta/Alpha account builds or campaigns built around match type. For this article I want to take a look at what the touted benefits of such a build are and any pitfalls I see. To Begin Firstly, what’s the point of such a build? Essentially it is designed to

Is This the Year Of Mobile?


As a marketing platform, mobile has really started to come into its own in recent years. From a creative point of view it is a platform that can do lots of cool things. Having recently watched the Cannes Lions short list entries for mobile marketing some of them were fantastic examples of creative thinking. I

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