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Who Uses Bing and Why Can’t it Compete with Google?


Who uses Bing? In fact, people do – but just not very many in the UK (if third-party platforms like Hitwize are to be believed).   In other countries, the divide between the two search engines is not as bad but the UK seems to scoff at Microsofts’s Bing on a national level. Allegedly, in

Travel Industry – Developing Your PPC Strategy


PPC for the Travel Industry

As a keen traveller, the majority of my own leisure travelling is booked online, from start to finish. This includes researching where to go, what to do when I get there and booking tours, flights & accommodation. In fact, the only exception to this has been a tour around Sri Lanka that was booked in

Maximising the Potential of Google Ad Grants


charity tin

A number of our recent blog posts have been relating to Google Ad Grants for charities and non-profits, so we thought as a next step in the series it would be useful to explore how to take advantage of the Google Ad Grant and use it to engage with the right users. The first step is

How to Drive Phone Conversions with PPC


Driving phone calls with PPC

In this digitally driven commercial world, everyone should know that communicating with customers online is critical to success. We’re often approached by companies wanting to know where the best quality leads come from with regards to advertising and our answer is often the same: mobile. , illustrating how important they can be in the sales

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