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Advantages of the Use of Gamification in Mobile Marketing


Gamification certainly sounds like a lot of fun – after all, who doesn’t love a good game? However, we’re not talking about Tiddly Winks and Twister here. Gamification in a mobile marketing context is all about engaging with your customers in a unique and entertaining way so you can achieve specific business goals.  In this

What Does Voice Search Mean for Your Business?


Hey Siri, are you single? The popularity of voice assistants has been on a steady rise since Apple pioneered Siri in April 2011 (yes, it HAS been 7 years!). Since then, Google (Google Assistant), Microsoft (Cortana) and Amazon (Alexa) have also joined the game. International players are not behind. Chinese giants Baidu and Alibaba also

How Does “Thinking Mobile” Impact SEO Strategy?


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Although it varies by industry, thanks to second-screening and the monumental rise of the smartphone you can almost guarantee that a large proportion of visitors to your website are using a mobile device. If you’re not adjusting your SEO strategy accordingly, then you’re going to lose out on traffic.

Is This the Year Of Mobile?


As a marketing platform, mobile has really started to come into its own in recent years. From a creative point of view it is a platform that can do lots of cool things. Having recently watched the Cannes Lions short list entries for mobile marketing some of them were fantastic examples of creative thinking. I

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