7 ways to make Networking Events work for you


  Networking events are a strange phenomenon. For many, the idea of standing in a room full of strangers, making small talk and shilling out business cards is very daunting. For others, it’s the perfect way to display their skills and expand their working relationships with others in the industry. Regardless, these events hold so

Top 5 Video Games To Play With The Family This Christmas


Stop living in the past! That trivial Pursuit is 30 years out of date – the dog’s chewed half of the Monopoly houses. What else is there to do? Talk to distant relatives? There’s no need this year because Passion Digital has five games that are guaranteed to entertain your whole family and make this

Digital Marketing for the Travel Industry: An Extended Buying Cycle


Search engine optimisation (SEO) within the travel and tourism sector is brutal. Not only are travel websites up against mammoth travel brands, but they also have direct competitors, review websites and travel aggregators to contend with. This makes for an immensely competitive search space and some serious barriers to entry for any new kids on the block. The

Travel Industry – Developing Your PPC Strategy


PPC for the Travel Industry
As a keen traveller, the majority of my own leisure travelling is booked online, from start to finish. This includes researching where to go, what to do when I get there and booking tours, flights & accommodation. In fact, the only exception to this has been a tour around Sri Lanka that was booked in
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