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2020 Trends: PPC


Hi, I’m Dave, Head of PPC at Passion Digital, and I’m here to share my top three PPC trends for 2020. Automation The first trend is automation. I think this has been a hot topic for at least the last three years. There’s so much availability when it comes to automation tools and script within

2020 Trends: Content


Well, 2020 was a wild ride! While we couldn’t have predicted coronavirus, most of the trends that we foresaw still played a key part in 2020. For now, here are our latest predictions on the key content trends for 2021. Hopefully, this year will be full of better surprises! My name is Lola Michels and

Good Golly, Good Gif: Use Gifs to Make Your Content Pop


There’s lots of controversy around gifs – namely, how the heck you’re supposed to pronounce the word. (If you haven’t guessed from the alliteration in the title of this blog post, we’re firm believers of the hard g – gif as in ‘gif’ not ‘jiffy’).    Whether it’s pronounced gif or jif – we’ll leave

How to Create High-Converting Display Ads


When it comes to advertising your products and services online, display ads are one of the best ways to do that. However, you don’t want to create them just for the sake of creating them – you want to make sure each and every display ad you have is working for you as hard as

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