How we Combine Web Design and Development in Perfect Harmony


  As a web development agency with an industry leading design team, Passion Digital ensures all its departments work in total harmony with one another. Here’s how the web team do it:   The Designer and the Developer The developer, in many job roles, can also be a programmer. We don’t want to get the two roles

Atomic Design: Why you should use it when creating websites


What is Atomic Design? Often, the process of creating websites involves a detailed step by step checklist of what you should be creating and when. This supposedly enables the creators to compartmentalise and categorise the different elements of a site from the beginning to end. ‘Atomic Design’, as discussed by Brad Frost, is one of

Is Two Better Than One? Considerations for Merging Websites


If you have a portfolio of websites, deciding to do away with (or ‘sunsetting’, for those of a more delicate disposition) one of them can be a tough decision. Much like the cliché when it comes to breaking-up with a not-so-loved one, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons associated with merging (two or

Introducing Typosaurus – A Website Spell Checker


Dragon The developers in Passion Digital have recently created Typosaurus, a fully responsive website which allows you to check the spelling across a website with real ease. It was created out of necessity, as our PPC and SEO teams were noticing silly spelling mistakes on the core landing pages of many brand new clients. As part
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