Passion help Action Medical Research Achieve a Google GrantsPro Upgrade


AMR Ad Grants Pro
We’re extremely excited to announce that Passion Digital have helped Action Medical Research to successfully join the Google GrantsPro programme. Charities which utilise the standard Google Ad Grants programme receive $10,000 per month of in-kind advertising from Google, completely free of charge. With the help of Passion digital, Action Medical Research (AMR) now receive $40,000 per month of

Maximising the Potential of Google Ad Grants


charity tin
A number of our recent blog posts have been relating to Google Ad Grants for charities and non-profits, so we thought as a next step in the series it would be useful to explore how to take advantage of the Google Ad Grant and use it to engage with the right users. The first step is

Google GrantsPro: Take Your Online Presence to the Next Level


Google Ad Grants Pro
We recently announced that existing Google Ad Grant accounts can apply to advertise multiple domains under one account, so we thought we’d stick with charity/non-profit PPC and mention Google GrantsPro. What is Google GrantsPro? Existing Google Ad Grant advertisers who utilise the full $10,000 per month given to them have the opportunity to gain a much larger

Changes to Google Ad Grants: A Boost for Non-Profits


Charity PPC For those who aren’t aware, Google Ad Grants is a non-profit facet of Google’s Pay Per Click advertising platform Adwords.  non-profits and charities may be entitled to up to $10,000 of free advertising every month through Google Ad Grants. Traditionally this was only applicable to a single domain. However, Google recently announced that Google Ad
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