Can you run a paid AdWords account if you already have a Google Grant account?




In short, yes!

In Google’s own words:

Google Grants recipients are allowed to run a paid AdWords account alongside the Google Grants account. Keep in mind that if your organization receives a Google Grant after you’ve created an AdWords account, we cannot convert your existing account to a Google Grants account. Additionally, clicks accrued prior to your Grants award cannot be refunded.

There’s certainly nothing stopping you and if you simply can’t get the visibility you need for those competitive keywords with the $2 grant cap, then you’ll have to pay for them with a paid account alongside.


Why you’d want a Paid Account:

  • Uncapped CPCs
    Now you can appear for those competitive keywords that the $2 max CPC wasn’t quite letting you reach before!
  • Display Advertising on the Google Display Network
    Great tool for increasing brand awareness reaching a wider audience.
  • Remarketing
    Now that you’ve got display capabilities you can also re-market to people who’ve shown some interest on your site already.
    e.g. those people who visited your donation page but didn’t actually checkout!
  • Unlimited budgets
    No longer capped to the £10k a month (or £40k on grantspro if you got one before they paused them).
  • Appear on the search partners
    With the grant accounts you’re not appearing on Google’s search partners, so now you can be!
  • CPM bidding
    Another neat feature if you’re after brand awareness and not necessarily looking for clicks


Don’t waste your money!


If you take the plunge and get a paid account alongside your grant account you’ll want to be very careful that you don’t waste money on clicks that you could have got free via the Google Grants.

There’s no point paying for clicks that fall under the $2 bid cap now is there?

At Passion Digital we use a nifty little alogorithm that we developed in-house to transition keywords from paid to grant and vice versa when they’re getting decent visibility for under $2 and when they’re not.

Essentially what this does is looks at average positions lower than a specified range (depending on the account!) and compares the average CPCs for a given keyword set and makes sure the relevant keywords are in the right account – ie we don’t waste your real budget on clicks you can get with the fake money in your Google Grant account!