April Fools Shenanigans


Each April 1st, the internet becomes a much more fun place to explore as the denizens, websites and even corporations try to either make you laugh or trick you.

This year is no exception, with Google taking the lead so far:

gBlimp – new ad serving method

Google Blimp Ads

Not as subtle as the Display network, but way more targeted if left on its own


Gmail Motion – no more typing


Google Docs Motion – move like you’ve never moved before

Google Docs Motion

No more back pain from sitting at the computer. Now you can get back pain the old fashioned way


Google Translate for Animals app


LinkedIn Network – check people you may know

Linkedin April Fools

Now that’s what I call networking

Get a job at Google – as an autocompleter

Helvetica – Comic Sans.. what’s the difference?

Google Helvetica joke

I actually prefer to use comic sans

YouTube turns 100 – a look back to the early days


Huffington Post Subscriptions for New York Times employees

Huffington april fools

yeah, yeah – I know it’s an US news source


The Guardian  – Live, if early, Royal Wedding blog

Guardian april fools


Will keep adding as I find them..

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