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Adwords Search Ad Title Extension


Last week, while doing research for a client on Google I noticed a peculiar ad along the lines of:

Replace ‘in Toronto’ with ‘Petroleum Industry’ and ‘’ with ‘’

Didn’t think much of it at the time, with Google playing mind games all the time, but then I came across this post. Google’s rolling out a new addition of Adwords ads in the search results – adding domain names to the title. At the moment it’s reserved to select ads that show up above the organic search results.

But back to the point – yesterday I posted an article about the use of Adwords ad Extensions and it ended on a cliffhanger. Here’s a reminder:

Let’s say you’re using the extensions already (or don’t wish to use them) and want to increase the prominence of your listing in other ways. There is, of course the good old ad optimisation, where you try to find the best possible ad for a query, but you don’t want to look at the percentages and goals and all that boring stuff – you want your results NOW!

Here’s a simple method that not many advertisers are using: longer titles.

Some weeks ago Google announced that if your ad’s description line1 is or incorporates a complete sentence, that sentence will be added to the title, in the occasion that your ad displays above the organic results. It’s very simple, easy to do and doesn’t need any special coaching – just add a full stop at the end of the description line 1 and watch the magic happen:

Reed in the lead!

Further on, you can use sections of description line 2 as that sentence, leaving less text below but getting a much longer title:

Bigger is better according to Google..

To summarise: just adding a full stop, question mark or an exclamation mark at the end of description line1 will result in a longer title, if your ad appears on top of organic results – easy and fast way to increase your CTR.

Regarding the previous post about Adwords Extensions – I’ll be uploading short setup guides over the next week the next few weeks (will add the links, when they’re live), so stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of Getting Results in Google Adwords!

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