Getting Results in Google Adwords Part 2 – Extensions


Got 100’000’000’000 impressions but a click ain’t one? Unless your client asked for that specifically (which would mean that you’re servicing Dr. Evil), you need to raise the visibility of your ad.

100 Billion Impressions!!!

Enough with pop-culture references.. Here’s how to use Google Adwords nifty ad add-ons:

Where to find them?

This one’s easy – just:

  1. login into your Google Adwords account,
  2. select the ‘Campaigns’ page,
  3. click on the downward arrow at the end of line,
  4. tick ‘Ad extensions’,
  5. press ‘OK’.

Exhibit ‘A’ – Enable the extensions tab

Choose your Weapon

As with gladiatorial combat, it’s essential to know which tools to use in Adwords Extensions and for what.

Admittedly gladiators are deadlier than Adwords, but otherwise..

Here’s a quick summary of the available extensions and what they’re good for:

Location Extension

Location Extensions are used to add your business address to the ad text, when it shows up in search results,

Location Extension in actioneffectively making your ad larger and gaining relevancy in local areas.

Good for: local businesses, local branches of larger chains, restaurants, pubs etc.

Not so good for: online-only businesses, non-local businesses etc.

Special feature: you can add your Google Places Page to the ad, thus generating even more visibility and adding a ‘get directions’ option on your ad.

How to set up Location Extensions

Call Extension

Add another line of text to your ad – your phone number.

Good for: businesses with a dedicated phone line, call centres, local businesses, mobile ads, prank calls (not advised).

Not so good for: businesses that don’t want to receive calls.

Special feature: you can make only the phone number clickable in the mobile version of the ad – clicking on the ad will start a call to the indicated number and you’ll be charged for a click.

Product Extension

You can’t afford NOT to use Product Extensions if you’re in online retail. And think about Google Checkout – that blue button certainly gets attention.

Available to Google Merchant Center users this extension will display the relevant product with the ad.

Good for: eCommerce sites, retailers, all kinds of product sellers.

Not so good for: service businesses.

Special feature: adds review information and the Google Checkout logo (Edit: discontinued as of June 2011), if you’re using the system.

Sitelinks Extension

Additional links from the ad to pages on your site.

Good for: sites with promotions, supplementary products/services… lots of things.

Not so good for: one page websites.

Special feature: effectively you gain more SERP real estate to promote your business.

Additional Options

Let’s say you’re using the extensions already (or don’t wish to use them) and want to increase the prominence of your listing in other ways. There is, of course the good old ad optimisation, where you try to find the best possible ad for a query, but you don’t want to look at the percentages and goals and all that boring stuff – you want your results NOW!

..tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of this article..

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