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Advantages of the Use of Gamification in Mobile Marketing


Gamification certainly sounds like a lot of fun – after all, who doesn’t love a good game? However, we’re not talking about Tiddly Winks and Twister here. Gamification in a mobile marketing context is all about engaging with your customers in a unique and entertaining way so you can achieve specific business goals. 

In this blog post, we’re going to start by defining gamification, introducing a few examples and exploring the potential benefits of using it in your mobile marketing campaigns.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of introducing elements of game playing, such as point scoring, rules of play and competition with others, into marketing or educational content to encourage customer engagement with a product or service.

Even when you’re playing board games with the family at Christmastime, you still feel compelled to win. That’s because, like it or not, people are hardwired to compete. The use of gamification in marketing content taps into those motivations that are inherent in humans to keep customers coming back for more.

When is gamification used?

Gamification is commonly used in educational content to motivate users and give them a sense of achievement as they learn. However, it is potentially even more powerful when it’s used as a tool to boost customer engagement and reward loyalty. 

When gamification is used successfully, people associate that sense of fun and achievement with your business, which can make them feel like they’re a part of your brand. They will want to replicate that feeling, so they will keep coming back for more. That creates a sense of loyalty that ultimately leads to a boost in revenue. 

Gamification examples

There are numerous examples of gamification being used very effectively. Integrating aspects of gamification into your mobile marketing campaigns can be a simple and inexpensive change to make, but the result can be dramatic.

The Nike+ Run Club is an app that’s designed to extend a customer’s experience with Nike beyond a visit to its website or stores. It gives users access to a range of gamified content, such the chance to participate in challenges and win badges and trophies. Not only does the continued use of the app improve brand loyalty, adverts found throughout the app also increase the likelihood of a repeat purchase.    

Starbucks runs one of the most successful gamified reward and loyalty programmes out there. Customers receive a gold star every time they pay for their coffee using the mobile app. Once they reach five gold stars, they are granted ‘green’ status, which entitles them to free refills. When customers reach the promised land of 30 gold stars, they receive – wait for it – a gold card! And from that point on, their lives are complete.

What are the Benefits of Using Gamification in Mobile Marketing Campaigns?

There are numerous benefits you can gain by introducing elements of gamification into your mobile marketing campaigns. Some examples include:

Boosting audience engagement with your brand

According to a study by Gigya, adding gamification elements to a website or app boosts commenting by 13%, social sharing by 22% and content discovery by a humongous 68%. 

Appealing to priority consumers

Gamification gives those who grew up in the digital age, namely Millennial and Generation Z consumers, exactly what they want: bite-sized, easily digestible, engaging and interactive pieces of visual content. That can help to give your brand an extra edge when marketing to these highly desirable consumers.

Influencing customer behaviour

The gamification of mobile marketing campaigns can influence customer behaviour in a fun and non-intrusive way. Many elements can be very subtle but still have a big impact on user actions and purchasing decisions.

Capturing powerful customer data

One of the greatest benefits of gamification is the ability to capture customer data and generate useful insights about your target audience and the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and ads. You can monitor customer behaviour, collect contact details, access performance metrics and more.  

A Powerful Weapon in Your Mobile Marketing Arsenal

Gamification is a simple but underused tool that can help you create memorable experiences that keep customers coming back for more. It works particularly well when it has a social element to it, which is why mobile is the perfect platform. Consider making your business that much more fun but integrating this marketing concept into your mobile campaigns!

Injecting the Fun into Digital Marketing

At Passion Digital, our web design team can create elements that take your mobile marketing campaigns to the next level of engagement. There’s also plenty of gamification going on at Passion Digital HQ, making it a rewarding and lively place to work – and, we’re hiring now, so make sure to take a look at our current vacancies.