Passion help Action Medical Research Achieve a Google GrantsPro Upgrade


AMR Ad Grants Pro

We’re extremely excited to announce that Passion Digital have helped Action Medical Research to successfully join the Google GrantsPro programme.

Charities which utilise the standard Google Ad Grants programme receive $10,000 per month of in-kind advertising from Google, completely free of charge. With the help of Passion digital, Action Medical Research (AMR) now receive $40,000 per month of in-kind advertising, following their successful application to upgrade to Google GrantsPro.

This additional advertising budget which will be invaluable in helping AMR to fund medical research to beat the diseases that devastate the lives of so many children.  They have been funding medical breakthroughs since 1952 – such as the first polio vaccines in the UK, ultrasound in pregnancy and the rubella vaccine – helping to save thousands of children’s lives and change many more.  You can read about more of AMR’s medical success stories here:

“Passion have managed our Adwords account for a long time and have effectively steered us towards the Pro account. 

As a small charity we are always looking for greater reach and visibility to continue our work, and the Pro account will give us the ability to compete with larger charities and test more effectively, raising awareness and generating much needed income to fund vital medical research.”

Grant Ellis, Web Manager, AMR. 

Passion Digital look forward to the challenge of utilising a much larger budget to increase donations and general awareness of this much-needed charity. If you have a Google Ad Grant account and need help upgrading to the Google GrantsPro programme, please do get in touch to see where Passion Digital could help.