When I first started my digital marketing career I was heavily involved with Social Media Marketing and I like to think I got pretty good at it.  In more recent years, as I’m an SEO specialist and Social has involved into an industry of its own, it’s pretty rare that I venture into the realms of retweets and Follow Fridays.

More the reason to dive back in and keep my social game sharp!

The following lists 6 easy ways to help you increase your Twitter followers, based on my experience, the advice of our Social Media team and various bits and bobs I’ve read since opening my Twitter account.  Enjoy!

1. Everywhere you’re online, should be everywhere you’re online (or offline)!

If people don’t know your Twitter handle, they can’t follow you.  List your social media profiles anywhere you’re online, including your company website, your personal blog, your emails, your guest contributions, blog comments and so on.

Don’t forget your offline marketing collateral too!  If it makes sense to include your personal and/or business twitter handle on your business cards, your comp slips and your letter heads then do so!

2. Write a compelling Twitter Biography

Before deciding whether or not to follow you, users will likely want to know who you are.  Without spending time reading your tweets, browsing your bio is the quickest way to do this.  Check out the examples below – which ones would you follow?

Twitter Bio's

3. Follow people you want to follow you

This is a classic technique for increasing your followers as when you follow a user, it’s likely that they’ll check out your profile.  If they like what they see, you might just get that follow!

Let me caveat this tip by saying that this method shouldn’t be used en masse to generate hundreds of followers by following the world.  Only follow people you are genuinely interested in connecting with and never follow users just to unfollow them as soon as they follow you!

4. Engage influencers in your niche / industry

This technique ties in well with tip 3 – if there’s one thing we all know about Social media, it’s that it’s a social environment!  Engage with users whose opinion matters and offer your opinion in return.  If you strike up a conversation and actually add some value, you’ll most likely benefit from more exposure and more followers.

5. Tweet and Re-tweet useful information

Why do we follow people on Twitter? To get the gossip on Harry Styles’ new ‘do? You bet! But also to access useful information and to hear the opinions of industry experts.

Tweeting your own articles and research is going to lead to more retweets which expands your reach… which leads to more followers, providing the content you’re tweeting is relevant and useful.

If you re-tweet other users’ tweets not only are you actively engaging with them  and promoting their content, but you’re creating a relationship and are therefore increasing the likelihood that they’ll follow you.

6. Track relevant keywords and hashtags

Social media is just as much about listening as it is about talking. You can use services like Hootsuite or SproutSocial to monitor specific keywords. When you see conversations on topics you want to learn about you can soak up that free information. If you see conversations on topics you’re knowledgeable about why not get involved and add some insight? Yet another opportunity to engage with influencers or even potential clients.

So there you have it, 6 easy tips on gaining Twitter followers. If any of these tips work for you or you have any more to add why not leave a comment below or drop us a tweet?

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