5 Ways Brands Will Benefit From Twitter’s Character Changes

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Back in March the nation gathered to wish the happiest of birthdays to Twitter, as the platform celebrated ten whole years of Tweeting.  Keen to make its 10th year one to remember, the platform began to roll out lots of exciting announcements in the following months, some of which would change the future of social media marketing for good.

Alongside the introduction of #Stickers and longer video content, Twitter also announced that its standout ‘140’ feature would undergo major changes and users would soon be able to express even more in 140 characters. Users would be free to post multiple images without having to worry about character limitation, and @names, GIFs, videos and polls wouldn’t make a difference to the total character count.


This week, the long-awaited feature finally came to fruition, and copywriters and marketers across the world rejoiced. Now we’ve had a chance to properly try the character changes out, we wanted to share five ways your brand will benefit.

  1. Exceptional Engagement

    If you do social media marketing well you’ll know that visuals are key to telling a story to your audience. You may even know that aesthetically pleasing posts receive up to 313% more engagement than text-only tweets. So whilst we may initially mourn the loss of the beloved 140 characters, it should mean that we can create content that resonates and delivers better results to our clients.

  2. Improved Community Management

    With space from @handles and images being freed up, it’s easier than ever to interact successfully with our audiences and create a really strong and unique Tone of Voice. We can be also be more creative in our responses which in turn will strengthen existing relationships within our network and even attract potential consumers.

  3. Better Customer Service

    Twitter is crucial for engaging with disgruntled customers, with 30% of people now taking to social media channels to air their complaints. The changes to Twitter’s character count means that brands can start a reply with the customer’s Twitter handle and still have 140 characters to share their message. This extra space means that there’s less chance that tweets will have to be broken up into separate responses when a brand may need to elaborate on an issue. What’s more, as photo space is no longer a thing to worry about, brands can offer solutions to problems with the use of visuals to explain. Easy!

  4. Increased Brand Potential

    As a marketer you’ve probably faced the struggle of producing engaging posts that include an effective call to action, images, URLS and the appropriate hashtags. There’s just not enough room to create a post that is guaranteed to lead to conversion. More space will allow us to create greater branded messages with a bigger scope for word play, working to increase the potential of our brands.

  5. Showcase Brand Creativity

    If you create your own videos, photos and GIFS then this is the perfect time to show off your stellar creativity and with the added benefit of 24 characters, you’ll be able to give them the description they deserve.

Have you seen any benefits from the changes in Twitter’s word count? Get in touch @Passion_Digital