5 Things We Learnt by Becoming Instagram Influencers *


* Less Influencers, more Social Media users with between 100-400 followers.

Over the past couple of years, three things have become clear; media fragmentation is a problem, ad blockers are good for (almost) nothing and pretty much nobody consumes traditional media anymore.

Enter, *in dazzling lights*, the solution: Influencer Marketing.

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Influencer Marketing exploded into the world as an answer to our problems. It started to allow marketers to reach previously untouched audiences and break through a saturated sphere of content. Now, Influencer Marketing is the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition method and an integral part of many brand’s marketing mission.

Of course, that’s not to say that Influencer Marketing is without problems – ensuring that you only reach out to trustworthy influencers being one.

With a sea of influencers out there, we started to wonder what exactly it was that made an influencer and how easy it was to reach influencer status.

Cue an office competition. Rules as follows:

  • Pick a theme
  • See how many followers you can get in two months

Full of enthusiasm, we set up our Instagram profiles and gave ourselves two months to see how many followers we could attract and how much engagement we could build.

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Spoiler: It’s a lot harder than you think.

It quite quickly became clear that we could forget free tooth whitening paste anytime soon, not to mention the monogrammed suitcases and trips abroad.

That’s not to say we didn’t learn a lot from our attempts.

Content really is KING

Excuse the cliché, but unless you’re banging out great content on a regular basis, you just won’t stand out. Whilst there are a plethora of apps out there, each promising to revolutionise even the worst image, it takes time to master the techniques influencers use to scale their content.

Prioritise passion

You can’t fake passion. In the same way all great artists have a distinctive look, successful influencers have a singular voice, which appeals to an audience harbouring a genuine passion for a particular something.

Invest time

There’s no magic way to turn yourself into an influencer overnight – serious graft is required. If you want to get anywhere in the influencer market, investing both time and money in yourself to help you scale is essential. You wouldn’t start a business if you had no time to do it, would you?

Engage, engage, engage!

It’s not all about posting images, you need to create your own online empire. The most successful influencers are hyper-connected to their audience, using multiple devices to ensure they’re connected through the day. Replying to comments and using interactive features, such stories and live streams are all important to bring you closer to your audience.

Be data smart

You need to know what content is working, and what isn’t. There’s little point posting regular photos of your corgi in a costume if nobody cares (sorry). Instagram analytics is a helpful place to start. Take some time to understand who your audience is and then create the content they want to see.

I’d like to say that we gave our influencer attempts a fair shot, but most of us lasted around three weeks. From a group of 15, just two of us continued the challenge for the full eight weeks, achieving a combined following of 1,000.

Have any tips of your own? Let us know.

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