5 PPC Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Alexandre Hoffmann 15/01/2021 2 minutes

Who better to predict the latest PPC trends than Dave, our wonderful Head of PPC? Read on for the top 5 2021 trends that he thinks will affect Pay Per Click advertising in the coming year.  

1. Less Data

In 2020, Google Ads made a change that meant advertisers could see less search query data in their reports – we’ve seen around a 30%-35% drop in search query data since that change has been made. In addition to this, websites are required to have much stricter cookie policies in place and need users to accept their policies to track their marketing activity, such as how they engage on a website using Google Analytics.

What does this mean? 

Advertisers have less visibility of users’ search queries and behaviour. This means making decisions based on less data – so advertisers will need to be more flexible.


2. Automation

This is something that crops up every year and is no different in 2021. Advertisers will need to be more reliant on automation, providing they have the right conversion set up which focuses on high quality leads (eg. track conversions for enquiry forms rather than a link click), otherwise platforms will optimise across the board. Also, considering the reduction in available data, advertisers will be more reliant on bid automation or smart campaigns.


3. Ad Formats and Messaging

In 2021 Google will be phasing out expanded text ads, and moving to responsive search ads. With this ad format having a variety of ad combinations, it’s so important that advertisers use the right message to capture their target audience. 

RSAs (responsive search ads) and DSAs (dynamic search ads) are more prominent now and in a lot of cases we are seeing that these outperform the standard ad formats, so switching to these could prompt an uplift in key metrics such as CTR, CPC and conversions.


4. Ecommerce Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown in countries across the world has meant that people have had to rely on buying online in 2020. Last year we onboarded three companies who had set up online businesses during lockdown and seen huge success by promoting their websites through Google Shopping – and we expect this to continue in 2021. 

This will make advertising space more competitive with more advertisers and potentially increase click costs, but the buying intent is much higher online these days.



5. Mobile

Having a mobile website is so important, yet in 2021 there are still sites that don’t have one! It’s a ranking factor, plus ensuring a great user experience means that people will engage more with your site and are more likely to convert. We have been seeing conversions increase on mobile each year and this will continue in 2021 – so having a great mobile site is a must!


Dave and the Passion PPC team are primed and ready to take on 2021 – challenges, opportunities and all! If you’re interested in gaining their expertise for your PPC campaigns, get in touch.