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5 of the Best Christmas 2014 TV Adverts



The countdown to Christmas has already begun with plenty of adverts on television truly underway. And how times have changed! Instead of anticipating the number one Christmas song, people concentrate more on what the best Christmas advert is going to be. Undoubtedly, industry marketing professionals have geared up for the big day but which campaigns turned out to be the most creative and drew scores of festive consumers? As a digital marketing agency, we’ve watched the lot and thought we’d share with you our favourite 5…

5) Marks & Spencer

The biggest British clothing retailer structured its Christmas advert around the two well-dressed up fairies that fly around and perform good deeds to those who they encounter. The message behind the adverts is Christmas is a time of “random act of kindness” and people ought to spread the love and magic.

4) Sky

Many of us associate Christmas with spending lazy afternoons with one’s eye glued to a TV screen. Sky is offering Sky Movies as the ultimate choice for the festive period. The ad features a family that is taken on a tour through some of the biggest blockbusters: Frozen, The Lego and Muppets Most Wanted.  A truly slick and fun advert.

3) Boots

The Boots advert presents a real life situation where it’s not possible for everyone to be off for Christmas. Some of us need to work. It perfectly captures the deep-seated belief that no one should be alone for Christmas, it’s all about family being together.

2) John Lewis

John Lewis did not  fail to deliver this year either. Its tearjerker advertisement received more than 4 million views in 24 hours. The heart-warming tale of a cute boy and his companion – Monty, the penguin instantly grabbed the hearts of many viewers.

1) Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s have blown the competition out of the water this year. It has been inspired by the Christmas truce of World War I and was produced by teaming up with the British Royal Force. The advert pushes all the right festive buttons and that is why it sits top of our list. Just make sure you have a pack of tissues to hand!

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As a digital marketing agency, we’d love to get your opinion on these ads…do you agree with us or would you have chosen differently?