3 Things in SEO This Week



Mobile Yet? –Better Get Moving!

As of 21st of April, Google will be introducing a change to their algorithm that non-mobile friendly sites won’t like. Google is to reward those sites which users can access via tablets and mobile with improved rankings as this will be introduced as a ranking signal moving forward.

Google has since said that the algorithm updates will have a “significant impact” on search results worldwide for users. Simply put, sites which have a mobile-friendly experience for people searching on mobile devices should see improvements whilst by association demote those sites which don’t. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, do get in touch with our team who deal with all sorts of responsive web design in London.

It’s worth noting this update will be done on a page by page basis meaning each page’s mobile friendliness will be judged separately. But if you want our advice? Get ready and get mobile. Despite this update affecting search results more and more people are using mobile devices and if your site isn’t up to scratch then people won’t visit and see all your wonderful products!

Agency vs In-house SEO?

I read an interesting article a few days ago about whether or not companies should employ an agency [or any third party] to carry out their SEO work and I found myself agreeing with it wholly. And yes, I may be a little biased here but not in a matter of fact kind of way – I just agree!

Marketing can drive sales when working in a collaborative environment.  When you have people who aren’t as close to your business as yourself ideas which may have not been brought to the table before could make the difference to sales increase. Especially when content development is key to SEO success in 2015 and the in-house team may not have the capabilities to manage this.

Social media marketing, though, is usually the best bet as authenticity and a direct communication is so important to a brand.

Another point about agency vs in-house is that SEO is a multifaceted channel and can change so often and quite often, dramatically. Algorithm changes such as Panda, Penguin and the mobile-friendly update mentioned above are all examples of this. On a number of occasions I have seen in-house companies using outdated methods to create link opportunities and failure to keep up to date could harm a brand’s overall SEO performance.

SEO campaigns also require a breadth of skills and encompass a number of different on and off-page activities which can be both creative and technical.  A campaign will involve technical specialists, strategy, copywriters, content outreach specialists and researching – will an in-house team deliver that? Most likely, no.

Brands [some] may have had bad experiences in the past where they have been overcharged [or undercharged!] and not had the level of service that they would expect and been left confused about what their agency was trying to tell them.

Since “black hat” practices have been around and some people using them, still, we would always recommend doing your homework when selecting an agency. Go on their website – check out the case studies, speak to the brands which feature on the website and ask them if they would be good to work with.

Due diligence is important but once you have the agency you feel is right for you then you can start working on driving the right traffic to your site and generating the leads you might not have gotten if you kept the SEO in-house.

SEO Conference Season

It is that time of year again where buds begin to bloom; the evenings get lighter and marketing aficionados all gather at an SEO conference or three. They come they drink, party and even attend a talk or two to try and scoop up any new nuggets of information that will help theirs and their client’s sites to stay ahead of the pack.

This year I will be representing Passion Digital and be attending the Brighton SEO Conference which will takes place over the 9th and 10th of April. This will be my first Brighton SEO adventure and I am assured that it is a perfect blend of networking, fun and useful and actionable tips to take away and help my clients.

One interesting point was I found out that a certain TV show winner will be there – need to enquire about this ‘human touch’ they refer to and what sets this apart from all the hard-working account managers in agencies up and down the land…