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2020 Trends: Web


Hello! I’m Nathan. I’m a UX designer here at Passion Digital and I’m going to run through the top three web trends for 2020.

Design Style

Number one: I’m going to talk about design style. We are looking at a period now where minimalist design is very popular and flat design is on the way out. However, there’s still going to be attention to animation. Animation is looking like it’s going to play a big role this year, so companies will be spending a bit more time looking at transitions and small animations to help guide the user towards where the company would like them to go.

Device-Agnostic Experiences

Mobile first has been an approach for a very long time. Now instead of designing mobile first and looking at doing everything first for mobile, then tablet, then desktop, companies are focusing much more on what a user uses at the start of the experience, what they use in the middle and what they use at the end. They may be on their watch, they may be doing voice commands with Alexa or they may be on their desktop – and these interactions may happen at different stages in the experience. We’re a lot more focused on specifics.

AI and Machine Learning

There’s an anticipation that the home page is going to die a horrible death and we are going to be presented with an opportunity where a user can land on a website’s tailored landing page. With all the data that’s been harvested now, companies will be able to identify the location, browser history and maybe some specifics about the user like age – so they will be able to tailor landing pages specifically to those groups. It will be a much more targeted experience.

Let me know what you think of my top three web trends for 2020 in the comments!

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