12 of our favourite Google Chrome plugins


Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers around. We spend hours and hours using it each day, so why not try to get the most out of it? One of the best things about the browser is the extensive list of Chrome plugins available – especially to help out digital marketers. It could take you hours to just scroll through the never-ending list of add-ons, so to save you the time we’ve compiled a list of our favourites.

Facebook Pixel Helper: This is crucial for anybody working in social media or web development – it helps to identify all of the pixels that are found on that site. Just install the extension, type in any web address and the icon will turn blue if a pixel is found. Screenshot from Google Chrome store

Eye Dropper: Select any colour from a webpage you want to replicate and get the palette, hex code and RGB code so you can easily match it when creating assets or designs.

Fount: Similar to the Eye Dropper tool, but for fonts. This one isn’t actually a Chrome plugin, but it sits in your bookmarks bar instead. Just go to https://fount.artequalswork.com/, add it to your bookmarks bar, and then click on the bookmark whenever you need to identify a font on a webpage.

Screenshot from Fount in use

Ghostery: This extension allows you to block ads and view or block any trackers that might be collecting your data. It also speeds up site speed.

BuiltWith: As the name suggests, this extension allows you to find out more about the website you are on, for example what content management system, analytics, and widgets are being utilized. Super useful for those in web development and similar roles to decode what technologies are being used.

SEO META in 1 CLICK: Save time inspecting elements and manually checking for meta-titles and descriptions, canonical tags, H1 tags – this extension does all this for you and more in just one click. Revolutionary.

MozBar: This is essential for those working in SEO. It delivers instant metrics about any webpage you’re on all in one handy bar that appears at the top of the page. Amongst a whole host of other information, you can see domain and page authority.

Moz Website Screenshot

Honey: We all love a discount code, but searching for one can often be more trouble than it’s worth. This extension eliminates all the hunting for you – all you have to do is click on the extension during checkout and it will automatically apply any valid voucher codes.

Grammarly: This is pretty much what it says on the tin – a spelling and grammar checker. Grammarly ensures that any emails or social posts that you write are correct.

LastPass: This is useful for anybody who has to log in and out of multiple sites each day – particularly those working in social with all those different accounts to juggle. Remember usernames and passwords can be a faff, but LastPass allows you to save them all inside your ‘vault’. Just don’t forget your LastPass password!

Move-it: Once added to your browser, this extension will pop up at intervals (you can choose how often) and instruct you to do some kind of movement or exercise. This is great for if you’re going on to your 67th hour sat at your desk.

Tabby Cat: Perhaps one of the greatest Chrome plugins – because why wouldn’t you want a different cat with a new name to greet you each time you open a new tab?Screenshot from Tabby Cat in use